Maternity Photography Mentoring | May 2015

Thank you to our maternity models (in the order of appearance) Lindsay and her husband, Andrea and Erika for your participation at our recent mentoring workshop! It was a joy working with you!


Want to improve you maternity photography? Looking for a mentor or a workshop?

Eden Bao is a maternity newborn baby photographer based out of Bothell WA and offers mentoring in maternity photography, also known as baby bump photography or pregnancy photography to photographers. You will learn hands-on how I typically shoot a full maternity session from start to finish. The focus of the workshop is on lighting, posing and editing.


The right lighting enhances the beauty of your client. We will discuss and demonstrate various of lighting style that flatters your maternity client such as:

  • Rembrandt lighting
  • Loop lighting
  • Broad lighting
  • Short lighting
  • Split lighting
  • Butterfly lighting
  • Key, rim and fill lighting

We will also look at popular lighting set-ups such as high-key (blown white background), low-key (black background) and off-the-camera (OCF) lighting mix with ambient lighting.


We cover various of poses that flatter your client’s body shape and minimize your post-production work.



For mentoring or workshop information, click here.

Interested? Have more questions? Please contact me via email: or the Contact Me form so we can chat further!


Maternity Photography Mentoring Workshop | Eden Bao Seattle WA
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Maternity Photography Worskshop Images