Autumn Mountain Family Portraits Eden Bao



Session starts one hour before sunset. If you have very young children, remember that the sun sets late in the summer. Please make sure your little ones get their naps.


Choose a color palette that you like and coordinate your outfits accordingly. Visit my Pinterest Board to get some ideas!


    • MOUNTAIN & PARKS – Wear comfortable walking shoes. If necessary, please ensure your party is protected from biting insects by wearing insect repellent. Weather, especially at the mountain, can change quickly so be prepared.
    • LAVENDER FARM – Dress warmly as it can be windy at times. There will be bees but if you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you.
    • BEACH – Bring towels and flip flops for walking on sand.
    • SAND DUNE – Sand dunes are windy places and are not recommended for family with little kids. Be prepared—sand will get into eyes, ears and mouth. Weather can change quickly from warm to chill.
    • DESERT – Bring comfortable walking shoes and take care not to step near cacti. Be prepared for windy conditions.
    • SALT BED – It can get pretty wet at the salt bed. Bring towels to dry off afterwards.


Visitors may not park, drive, walk, stand on or pick vegetation/flowers or other natural or cultural resources, including guard rock walls.

Feeding of wildlife, including birds, purposeful or inadvertent, is not permitted. Wildlife may not be approached or chased.

All garbage, including cigarette butts, must be packed out and disposed of properly.

No natural or cultural objects may be altered, damaged, collected, or moved from their current positions.

Participants must adhere to all park rules and regulations.


While sunshine is preferable, we will still shoot if the weather is cloudy. If rain is in the forecast, we will confirm the day before. It’s common to see sun breaks in the Pacific Northwest during rainy or cloudy days. Please keep your schedule flexible the week of your shoot.


We will do a lot of walking and little ones can get tired easily. Make sure to bring snacks and bevvies to energize.

Ruby Beach Cannon Beach Family Portraits Eden Bao


Most outdoor locations have outhouse-style bathrooms or porta potties near the parking lot. We recommend bringing your own toilet paper and water bottles just in case. Flashlight from your cell phone will be helpful.


For some outdoor locations, there may be limited to no cell phone coverage (e.g at the mountain. If you need to get a hold of me by phone, I can be reached by cell up to one hour BEFORE your session start time. After that, if you try to contact me and/or leave a message/voice/text and I don’t respond, assume that I never got the message.

Also due to this limitation, I won’t be able to process credit card payment for the balance due of your photo session on location. Because of this, I will be sending you an online invoice for the balance in advance. Payment is due by your session date.