At Eden Bao Photography, newborn safety is our primary concern. We have honed our techniques for safe newborn photos. Newborn photography has seen a surge in the last few years, with photographers entering the field who are not experienced enough in posing newborns safely nor aware of the techniques used to achieve our newborn images. It is very common for these photographers to put newborns in compromising situations thinking they are capturing the image correctly.

Our finished image below looks like the newborn is hanging on a cherry blossom branch. In reality, the baby is suspended a few inches from the bean bag. The branch image is pre-shot and the magic happens in post-production.



The hands of a spotter (usually one of the parents) is a few inches away from the baby just in case the baby startles out of their pose. In this dreamcatcher shot, dad is close by spotting.

Newborn White Dreamcatcher After Photo Retouching Composite Newborn White Dreamcatcher Before Retouching Composite


At Eden Bao Photography, our experience goes beyond professional lighting and amazing newborn photography—we are trained in safe baby posing. Parents appreciate that their newborns’ safety is a priority when they hire us to photograph their baby.

Our babies are priceless and deserve nothing but the best.

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