Bellevue newborn photographer | Leilana ten days new!

As a Bellevue newborn photographer, part of the fun in my job comes from meeting the whole family. It’s always interesting to capture a family’s dynamics through photographs. One seasoned mother told me that a parent pretty much knows their child’s personality by the age of two. I didn’t believe it at the time I heard it, yet it’s true. Through my own experience as a mother and a photographer, I can now say that I agree. (But it’s still up for discussion!)  That’s why I had a lot of fun photographing Leilana and her two-and-half-years-old brother, Jax. Can you see his fun-loving personality shine through in the pictures? I cherish these special moments of family togetherness as a Bellevue newborn and family photographer.

Leilana performed beautifully in her session at only ten days new. I was able to capture some photos with open eyes and the cutest smile ever. Her mother Jean, likes neutral and soft pink colours, so we used as many pink items that we could find in the studio. This is the family’s second session, the first being Momma’s maternity session. Congratulations to this lovely new family. I wish you many happy days to come!