Marysville newborn photographer | Super Cute Cyrus

It’s one of those days as a Marysville newborn photographer when a large family arrives- a family of six. I can’t help but be in awe of the parents. How do they do it? I grew up in a large family myself, a total of five children. Believe me, it was chaotic, but really fun. We were never bored as there was always someone to play with. Each photography session really brings me back to my childhood in some odd way. It’s no surprise that I am now a newborn photographer.

Baby Cyrus will sure have a lively life. Here he is at a two weeks old with his lovely family. Mamma looks fab, considering the fact that she’s got a brood of four. How does she do it? Congratulations to the family!

marysville-newborn-photographer-baby-in-basket marysville-newborn-photographer-baby-on-grey-blanket marysville-newborn-photographer-baby-nose-and-ears marysville-newborn-photographer-baby-on-fake-fur marysville-newborn-photographer-baby-on-scale marysville-family-photographer-happy-family

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