Best Maternity Photographer | Raizel among the lavender

I discovered a little paradise at the Purple Haze Lavender Farm in Sequim (about 2 hours of drive and a ferry ride from Seattle)! Did you know Sequim is the lavender capital of the US? We are so lucky to live close enough to visit this gem. I never knew lavender can come in a variety of shades from white and pink to shades of violet and deep purple until I set foot on the farm. Rows of lavender make a beautiful backdrop. Combine it with sunset and a gorgeous mama who is expecting—the resulting images are nothing short of magical. If you would like your portraits taken at the lavender fields, please note that lavender blooms June to July. Early August is harvest time.

Raizel, who is training to be a nurse, looks absolutely stunning in this beautiful pink gown! She is expecting her fourth child with her husband, who played the bad guys in action movies in one of his careers. What a fun tidbit of their lives. Together, they have two girls and a boy and is expecting another little boy.

Congratulations to Raizel and her family on the new baby! You have a beautiful family! We wish you the best on the rest of your pregnancy and the safe arrival of your little one!

Best Maternity Photographer lavender field
Best Maternity Photographer lavender fields sunset

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