Newborn Photography Mentoring | May 2015

Here’s a peek from our recent newborn photography mentoring class! Our newborn models Cassidy, 21 days new, and Ryan, 6 days new were wonderful to work with!

Lighting and transitioning between poses are the focus of this class as the students are for the most part proficient in their newborn posing. Students practice using studio lights and reflector to capture these images. Can you name the portrait lighting style on Cassidy’s photos? If you guessed Rembrandt lighting, butterfly lighting and loop lighting, you’re right!

With baby Ryan, to achieve the hanging scale image, we shot the hanging scale first. Ryan was posed on the scale on a box and shot separately. The two images are then merged in Photoshop to make it appear that the baby is suspended in air on the hanging weight scale.

Designated Master Photographer at Masters Photographers International and proud member of Professional Photographers of America, Eden Bao operates a portrait studio in Bothell WA and offers mentoring and workshops to photographers interested in advancing their maternity and newborn photography skills. Classes are limited to no more than three photographers per workshop to ensure that each student receives attention on their area of skill development. To find out more, please visit 1:1 Mentoring for mentoring information or Maternity Photography Workshops for maternity workshops information.

Newborn photography mentoring
Baby Photography Seattle wooden box
Baby Photography Seattle hanging scale