Baby Photographer Vancouver BC | Jasper 6-months

As a baby photographer, I mostly photograph babies who are celebrating their 100th day or first birthday at my studio in Vancouver. It is refreshing to have the opportunity to photograph a six-month old baby! At this stage, they can sit up, lie on their tummy, roll over on to their backs and grab their toes. There are plenty of photo opportunities to capture their cute expressions! The most important thing for us baby photographers is that they can’t crawl off the set, ha!

Meet Jasper, one of the happiest baby you will ever meet! Smiling and cooing from the moment he arrived right to the very end when he left. Did I mention he has the most adorable baby chub ever? I heart him!
Vancouver BC Baby Photographer Eden Bao white wood wall
Vancouver BC Baby Photographer Eden Bao Blue teal color backdrop
Vancouver BC Baby Photographer Eden Bao baby feet mom baby